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دانلود آخرین ورژن CSI SAP2000 v14.2


قابلیت های جدید نرم افزار:

• The CQC3 method of directional combination has been added as an option for response-spectrum load cases.

• Concrete frame design using code "ACI 318-08" has been implemented.

• Eurocode 8 seismic provisions have been implemented for concrete frame design using code “Eurocode 2-2004”.

• Eurocode 8 seismic provisions have been implemented for steel frame design using code “Eurocode 3-2005”.

• The Singapore National Annex to Eurocode 2 (NA to SS EN 1992-1-1 : 2008) has been implemented for concrete frame design using “Eurocode 2-2004”.

• Snow loads are now included in the automatic load combinations that are created for concrete design using codes "ACI318-02/IBC2003" and "ACI318-05/IBC2006". The documentation has been updated accordingly.

• The design load combinations created by the program for steel frame design code "CAN/CSA-S16-01" now include notional loads, if any have been defined.

• The shear design for “Eurocode 2 2004” has been enhanced to optimized for angle “theta” in Section 6.2.3 of the code.

• The identification of lateral load cases (seismic or wind) has been improved for nonlinear cases which may contain these loads. This affects the increase in allowables for some design codes.

• The design preferences for concrete, steel, cold-formed steel, and aluminum design have been enhanced to provide more control for the creation of internal design load combinations involving nonlinear and staged-construction static load cases.

• User-defined frame hinges can now be assigned to any frame section or any material. Previously, hinges could only be assigned to certain known section types, such as rectangular and circular concrete sections; steel pipes, tubes, and wide-flange sections; and Section-Designer sections.

• Displayed plot functions have been enhanced by adding the ability to plot forces for section cuts that have been defined using quadrilateral cutting planes. Previously only forces for sections cuts defined from groups could be displayed as plot functions.

• When displaying mode shapes graphically, the modal frequency is now displayed as well as the modal period.

• Improvements have been made to nonlinear direct-integration time history analysis to improve its speed and convergence.

• Three new options are now available for dividing frame objects using the command Edit > Edit Line > Divide Frames. They are
(1) Divide at a specified distance from the I-end of the frame,
(2) Divide at the intersection with a coordinate plane in the current coordinate system, and
(3) Divide at the intersection with visible grid planes in the current coordinate system.

• An enhancement has been made to the graphical user interface so that the view no longer zooms out after certain operations, such as showing selection only, performing editing operations like deletion, and returning from the Bridge Modeler.

• The import and export of IFC files has been updated to include Schema 2x2, 2x3, and 2x3_TC1, including the import/export of sections properties.

• The ability to export physical objects to IGES files has been added. Previously all objects were exported as FEM entities. Now you can choose either option. If you export as FEM, loads and properties are also exported. If you export as physical objects, only geometrical line and surface entities will be created, but properties and loads will not be exported.

• A new option to export a Perform3D Structure has been added. Most geometry, material and section properties, restraints, diaphragm constraints, groups, loads, and load cases are exported for frame and shell elements. Corresponding Perform3D members are created depending on the properties and assignments present on the individual SAP2000 members. Detailed hinge properties and other Perform3D-specific features must be defined in Perform3D.

• The Open API function that hides the GUI now also turns off the drawing functions for increased execution speed

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